A secondary interaction linked to a Claim. From a software vendor perspective this is a subset of the Medical Certificate. From a Provider perspective, making this a separate identifiable service adds considerable value.

The Claim API allows software vendors to create a new claim with ACC. Registered providers can lodge claims on behalf of their patient if they think they have an injury ACC covers.

The Query Claim Status APIs provide the ability for the Provider to see whether a claim has been registered with ACC and what diagnosis details have been registered to the injury claim. If the claim is registered, the Provider will be able to provide treatment and invoice ACC for their services.

Mandatory support APIs to the Claim and Medical Certificate APIs

The Invoice API is the mechanism ACC receives invoices from Providers for ACC funded diagnosis & / or treatment linked to a Claim.
The Query Invoice and Payment Status APIs provide the ability for the Provider to see whether invoices for the claim, or secondary interactions, have been accepted and paid.

Allows software vendors to create a medical certificate with ACC. The medical certificate is a secondary interaction (linked to a Claim) if:
1. A patient:
• Needs time off work beyond the first two weeks;
• Needs additional support to operate in life or getting to / from work;
• Presents additional complications that need to be considered;
2. The Provider:
• Has an update to their diagnosis;
• Needs extra support services to assist with diagnosis.