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Employment Status for Claims, 'Occupations' Deemed Not Paid Employment (in claims cover area)

I have looked at the six scenarios for claim submission/posting published here:

I see included is one scenario for a person not in paid employment, "apple", a retired person.

Can you please tell me what you would expect to see set for the properties: 

  • claim/patient/occupationCode
  • claim/employment/inPaidEmployment
  • claim/employment/employmentStatusCode

For these "occupations"?

  • Department of Conservation Volunteer Hut Warden
  • Househusband
  • Student
  • Sickness Beneficiary

I guess what I am really asking is whether all of the occupation codes of the series 9991 to 9998, should all behave similarly in terms of properties inPaidEmployment and employmentStatusCode (similar to the apple retired person scenario).

[I have occupation codes (9991, 9992, 9993, 9994, 9995, 9996, 9997, 9998) as occupations (Housewife \ Househusband, Sickness Beneficiary, Retired, Student, Overseas Visitor, Unemployed, Pre-school Child, Prison Inmate) respectively].


Nelson Marlborough Health

Steven (not verified)
Hi Tim

Hi Tim

The relevant occupation codes are:
Volunteer - 9970 (Currently there isn't an occupation code for volunteer)
Househusband - 9991
Student - 9994
Sickness Beneficiary - 9992

inPaidEmployment should be False
employmentStatusCode would remain blank as it is only required when inPaidEmployment is True

Regarding occupation codes 9991 - 9998: The expcetation and preference would be that the inPaidEmployment would be False when occupation codes 9991 - 9998 are used. However, there isn't any validation by the API checking the occupation code against the inPaidEmployment field. So technically a claim could be submitted using an occupation code such as 9991 and inPaidEmployment being True.


Thank you Steven, that

Thank you Steven, that clarifies a couple of things for me.

If you can influence a wee documentation change, then where the Claim API Software specification document (version 1.1, 21 May 2018) says the following:
"The Occupation code table has 269 values, including ‘Unemployed’, ‘Retired’, ‘Overseas visitor’."
I would personally recommend that it be tweaked to read something like:
"The Occupation code table has 269 values, including the range 9991 - 9998 where typically inPaidEmployment would be False, including ‘Unemployed’, ‘Retired’, ‘Overseas visitor’."


Nelson Marlborough Health

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