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Authorization issue

I am trying to get list of categories via POSTMAN and code, it was working great with OpenSSL acc.cer certificate last week. But now I am getting apikey error.

API URL was https://provider.api-dev.acc.co.nz/api/v1/claims/code-tables/categories

{"fault":{"faultstring":"Failed to resolve API Key variable request.header.apikey","detail":{"errorcode":"steps.oauth.v2.FailedToResolveAPIKey"}}}

Is authentication scenario changed now for testing environment because there was no need of any api key if using certificate? 

Changes in ACC systems

Hi Badar,

Apologies, we are currently in the middle of patching some of our API systems (including the API key requirements) and so you would have run into this issue while the service was unavailable. There may be some further patching to occur over the next few days which will also stop your submissions occurring.

We may be able to allow your submissions to occur during our down time at night to allow you to do your testing. Are you able to confirm what time would work for you? I can pass this to our development team and see if we can get the environment up for you.


Please find the information

Please find the information below.

  • Patching is complete for the day and the environment should be available for the next 15 hours. (more patching will be taking place in NZ business hours tomorrow)

  • The APIs should now be used in the compliance environment https://provider.api-compliance.co.nz/

  • We will be activating API keys in the compliance environment tomorrow, please email us at Digitaloperations@acc.co.nz and we will send you a how to guide.

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