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Discrepencies between Swagger files on SwaggerHub and developer.acc.co.nz


There are some differences between the fields marked as required between the swagger file published at https://developer.acc.co.nz/claim-and-query-claim-status/apis/post/claims​ , and the description at https://developer.acc.co.nz/claim-and-query-claim-status/apis/post/claims​ .

Specifically, it looks like all of the objects in the swagger file published on swaggerhub are marked as required, even when the API says it's not, for example, workCapacity being not allowed if the patient isn't in full employment, but beign required according to the swagger file. Also, workCapacity/incapacity has a similar problem when canResumeNormalWork is set to True.


Swagger file to be updated

HI Marcus, thanks for letting us know about that one.

We are going to update the swaggerhub content so it reflects the correct information. The issue behind these fields is that they arent mandatory but conditional depending on the logic from other parts filled in on the claim form. 

Please let us know about any other mistakes/errors that you run into. You can also see some code samples with the test scenarios which may also help with any issues about the logic with the form.


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