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Ethnicity 2 character limit


With the release of HISO 10001:2017 September 2017, there is a requirement for the health and disability sector to record a patients ethnicity at level 4.  Is ACC claims going to support this, as I notice the Claims specification dated October 2017 specifies the 'Patient Ethnicity' as a required field with a 2 character limit. 

This won't work for level 4 ethnicities.



Ethnicity 2 character limit

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your email. Yes, we are aware of the HISO ethnicity requirements and have been looking at implementing this into our Claim API but at this stage we are still using the 2 character set of ethnicity codes. 

Tha main reason stopping our development of this is that we are waiting for a backend claim database upgrade which will be able to handle this content correctly. This is currently pencilled in for early 2019, but the exact date has not been determined. Until this upgrade has been occurred, we will continue to use the 2 character set unless we find an interim solution. If these codes were to change prior to this, we would notify the developer community with plenty of lead in time for development. 

Kind Regards


Ethnicity 2 character limit


Hi Kaaran

Thank you for your reply and the valuable information you've shared, I really appreciate that.

I'll await further changes next year :-)



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