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Get the registration status of a given claim

There seems to be some variation in the endpoint for "Get the registration status of a given claim" in the Query Claims Status API Software specification document. What is the correct endpoint and parameters?

1.1 Summary of Claims endpoints states:

GET/claims/status Get the registration status of a given claim 4.3

Section 4.3 states:

4.3.1 Web service Endpoint GET/claims/summary/{claimNumber}

Section 6.2 states:

GET/claims/status/{claimNumber}, section 4.3

and the url https://developer.acc.co.nz/claim-and-query-claim-status/apis/get/claims/status states:

GET claims/claimid/status

Returns the ACC status of a specific Claim. Check out our API Overview documents, our specific API Documentation and essential reading . Note the “Send this request” service below our swagger file is currently unavailable.

Resource URL



correct end point

Is seems that https://provider.api-compliance.acc.co.nz/api/v1/claims/status

is the correct endpoint, with claimNumber, vendorId, and providerId as parameters. 

Is there a way to test the get and post /claims/status endpoints in the compliance environment? As I am guessing the claim needs to be processed before returning a result. 

Steven (not verified)
Greetings & Thanks for

Greetings & Thanks for pointing that out - I'll be taking a look at the documentation and will pass it on to have it changed.

Brief explanation claims summary vs claims status:
1) Claims Summary (Submitted Claims)  - This is a query for claims which have been submitted to ACC, this includes claims which may have failed or receipted by the system. This query returns claims details that are unique to the organisation which submitted the claims.

2) Claims Status (Processed Claims) - This is a query for claims which have come through successfully to ACC and have been registered into our database. The query will return the status of the claim e.g. whether it has been accepted or declined for cover and other details. This query can be used to check all claims that are registered with ACC (whereas claims summary is limited to the organisations submitted claims).

You are correct in saying that the claims status will only return a result if a claim has been processed. You can test the claims status queries by using claims which have already processed. Feel free to take a look at the sample scenarios links at the bottom of the page, under the 'Processed claim query scenarios' - https://developer.acc.co.nz/requirements-claim-queries

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