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Getting error while sending diagnosisComment


We are trying to send "diagnosisComments" in JSON request to "../api/v1/claims" but in response we are getting this exception

{"errors":[{"message":"Could not read JSON document: Unrecognized field \"diagnosisComment\" (class nz.co.acc.api.common.model.diagnoses.ClaimDiagnosis)

Following was the diagnosis part in request:

"diagnosis": [
      "diagnosisCodeType": "1",
      "diagnosisCode": "283419003",
      "diagnosisDescription": "Cut of finger ",
      "diagnosisSide": "left",
      "diagnosisComment": "test restr"

Is it due to version upgrade or please suggest what we are missing in request?

Steven (not verified)
Hi Badar

Hi Badar

diagnosisComments doens't exist in v1 or v2. Which API spec document are you using?

There is an injuryComments field - perhaps that's what you're looking for?



Hi Steven

Yes we were trying to send injuryComments via v1, and as you commented in other post that it was a defect and in next week release it will be fixed. Hopefully afer fix, injuryComments will be saved at ACC end as we were already sending from our software end. Thanks!

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