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No required SSL certificate was sent

Hi, i'm developing a C# web application to communicate with the ACC API, but i am having trouble connecting.

The connection is being made from within a DHB's server, and is going through a proxy to connect to ACC's servers,

but it's sending back this response:
"400 No required SSL certificate was sent",
even though I am attaching certificates when sending requests. (NZHealth CA, and NZHealthCA - G3

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Raonak, 

Hi Raonak, 

Are you able to send a copy of the API call that you made to our email - digitaloperations@acc.co.nz so we can look at this in more detail? Also please let us know which digital certificate you are using so we can make sure all the right permissions are in place. 

Kind Regards


Invalid ApiKey for given resource (401)

Hi I am trying to make API calls to the Claims API and Codetables API and only receive the above mentioned error. I have 2 apps setup in the compliance environment and have tried both keys without any luck. 401 response is also being returned and have checked my digital cerrtificate is valid through HealthLink which it is. The next step mentioned in the Support Expectations for Vendors is to contact ACC.

The last I heard on this was we had to be setup in the backend. Is anyone able to confirm this and also assist in this issue?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi David

Can you please send us you Digital Certificate details and the vendor ID and provider ID to DigitalOperations@acc.co.nz so we can make sure all the right permissions are in place. 

Kind Regards

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