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Occupation codeDescription

Is there an explaination as to the codeDescription for occupation 


Accountant; Audit,Financial,Consultant : Auditor,Chartered,Company,Cost,Bank

what are the terms that come after the ; and :


Getting confirmation of these codes

Hi rclarke, Ive passed this question to our developer team for confirmation and more information, but from the looks of the codes the content after the ":" are subsets of the same job. Im thinking that the content after the semicolon looks to be some kind of metadata, but ill let the developers confirm this.

In your example, the initial occupation is "Accountant" and the other subsets which are similar and acceptable under this particular code is Auditor, Chartered accountant, Company Accountant etc.

Ill post once we have an answer

Hi Kaaran,

Hi Kaaran,

Did you end up getting a response to this from your develoeprs?



Hi Marcus

The words before the ; are the principle occupation and words separated by , are sub types of that occupation. Colon represents a new sub principle occupations. Put another way HH:MM Hours is different from minutes but it is all time


So in this example


  • Audit Accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Consultant Accountant


  • Chartered Auditor/accountant
  • Company Auditor/accountant
  • Cost auditor/accountant
  • Bank auditor/accountant


If a person said they were a financial auditor we would probably select this occupation even though it doesn’t stipulate Financial auditor it would be the best fit.


Hope this helps.



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