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Why diagnosis comments are not appearing at ACC end


Our client complained that ACC end informed them that  Accident Details Comments on the ACC Form are not appearing for them.

We are sending diagnosis comments in "injuryComments" attribute as defined in specs and we are using api ver 1 (/api/v1/claims) to send requests.

Please suggest how to fix this issue.


  "vendor": {
    "practiceName": "Stok Test",
    "hpiOrganisationNumber": "G05555",
    "hpiFacilityNumber": "F2P222"
  "provider": {
    "contact": {
      "emailAddress": "test@stkedical.co.nz",
      "homePhone": "03 547 1234",
      "mobilePhone": "03 547 1233",
      "workPhone": "03 547 1238"
    "details": {
      "providerId": "PAD123",
      "providerTypeCode": "80",
      "firstName": "Josef",
      "surname": "van Rest"
    "address": {
      "type": "Home",
      "line1": "111 Main Road",
      "suburb": "none",
      "city": "Nelson",
      "postCode": "7041",
      "country": "New land"
  "patient": {
    "address": {
      "type": "Home",
      "line1": "111  Tainui Street",
      "suburb": "Sto",
      "city": "Nelon",
      "postCode": "7011",
      "country": "New land"
    "contact": {
      "homePhone": "9275555",
      "mobilePhone": "+64272955551"
    "details": {
      "firstName": "HAEE",
      "surname": "AERT",
      "nhi": "VTD4222",
      "dateOfBirth": "2017-06-13",
      "gender": "F",
      "ethnicityCode": "21"
    "occupationCode": "9997"
  "employment": {
    "employer": {},
    "inPaidEmployment": "False"
  "injury": {
    "accidentDate": "2019-04-07",
    "injuryComments": "she jumped off the bed and bit her tongue",
    "accidentLocationCode": "352",
    "accidentSceneCode": "10",
    "causeOfAccident": "Slipped / tripped / fell",
    "involvesVehicle": "False",
    "medicalTreatmentInjury": "False",
    "workInjury": "False",
    "sportingInjury": "False",
    "accContactProvider": "1",
    "gradualProcessInjury": "False",
    "admittedToHospital": "False"
  "diagnosis": [
      "diagnosisCodeType": "1",
      "diagnosisCode": "210363001",
      "diagnosisDescription": "Open wound of tongue ",
      "diagnosisSide": "left"
  "workCapacity": {},
  "declaration": {
    "providerDeclaration": "2019-04-08"
  "claimNumber": "OP82395"

Hi Badar

This is a known defect for our API, and we've made it top priority to fix it in our next release for V2 API only which around mid of May. So we won't make any changes to our V1 API.


This issue is because if the email address for patient has no value, then the Json will not mapping injury comment to XML. So that's why the respond for claim query is not returning the injury comment data as it won't make it in our database in the submission. Currently the workaround for this issue is default to include email address value for the patient.




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