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Why injuryComments missing?


We got intimation from ACC end that in our request injuryComments are missing, We got a screenshot of "ACC Injury Claim Form" in which "Injury Comments:" shown blank in "Part C: Injury Diagnosis and Assistance"

While at our end, we are sending comments in this field:

"injury": {
    "accidentDate": "2019-03-07",
    "injuryComments": "test comments about injury",

Please suggest, if ACC is not getting any comments then which attribute will have these comments in JSON request? 

Badar Yousaf

Steven (not verified)
Hi Badar

Hi Badar

We've identified a defect with injuryComments where it's only mapping the value if emailAddress also has a value. If there is no value for the emailAddress then it's not mapping injuryComments.

The defect has been prioritised for our next release.


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