Get Connected with NARP

Submit Discharge Data

After adding all data for the month in the Casemix Master Spreadsheet you need to create the "Discharge CSV" tab.

The CSV data is extracted from the "Ma​ster" tab, and once extracted and populated the "Discharge CSV" data is picked up and sent to us by IDE.

Note:  Discharge data from the previous month must be uploaded by the 25th of the month.


Key Steps

  1. Read the Discharge Data Tool Setup & Use Guide below.
  2. Get Connected to use IDE to send us data.
  3. Start Sending!!  Populate data and send using IDE.
  4. Clear the "Discharge CSV" tab AFTER sending us your data.


218 KB - Describes how to fill in the "Casemix Spreadsheet" template to submit "Discharge” data for a reporting month.