Upcoming digital changes - get a head start for your ACC customers

Kia ora,

We’ve worked over the past few years to make it easier for your customers to use ACC services by introducing new digital solutions. These solutions will replace our legacy services in the coming year. Now is the best time to adopt these digital solutions, if you haven’t already, before our legacy services are no longer available from June 2021.

Our legacy services are being replaced

We’ve previously told you about our shift away from legacy services and we can now confirm these services will no longer be available from June 2021, due to our data centre moving.

Some of the impacted service entry points include:

  • eBusiness Gateway (eBG)
  • SOAP submissions
  • JAVA Applet

Please see the attached table for all impacted legacy services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will replace these services.

What you need to do

You should begin preparing for this change by visiting our Developer Resource Centre. There you can find the APIs currently available that replace our existing legacy services.

You have two options:

  1. Low risk option – There is a strategic advantage to adopting our available APIs, because you can begin integrating these APIs immediately.
  2. High risk option – We’re investigating an alternative, standalone tactical solution for low volume interactions. This solution has not been identified and we’re currently unable to advise when it will be available.

We encourage you to start preparing for these changes now, as part of your existing software development plans. Please make sure you allow enough time to build, test, release and roll out the API integration into your systems prior to June 2021. You can use the information available on the Developer Resource Centre to help guide you through the process.

The APIs already have a high rate of adoption and are functioning well for customers – with nearly half of all claims and invoices now received via our APIs and this number continues to increase.

You can visit our Developer Resource Centre to check which APIs you may still need to adopt to maintain ACC services for your customers, including:

  • Claims
  • Invoice
  • Medical Certificate
  • Change Diagnosis
  • Codetables
  • Query Claims
  • Query Invoices
  • Query Payments

You’ll have an opportunity to participate in a series of online webinars to help make the transition to APIs as smooth as possible for you. We’ll provide you with more information about the process of adopting our APIs, details on specific APIs and answer any questions you may have. You can expect to receive an invitation to take part soon.

You can also expect another update from us in early December.

Change to ACC45 claim block number allocation

You may already be aware that we are running out of available numbers for ACC45 claims, ahead of introducing a long-term solution in March 2021. Consequently, we’ve changed from automatically allocating blocks of 2,000 to issuing numbers in blocks of 500. For those of you with systems that submit ACC45 claims, your customers will need to contact ACC before they reach the end of their existing allocation number range. Systems should not automatically rollover to the next number at the end of their current range. A separate message will be sent to impacted providers, asking them to contact ACC before their number range expires.

Please share this information with any colleagues who may need to know. Please contact us at your convenience if you have any questions in the meantime.


Ngā mihi nui,

Brent Fry

ACC Digital – Consumed Services Manager


Table of Impacted legacy services and replacement APIs