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Our consumed services are like ultra-fibre broadband; given time these can, and will, keep expanding as business demand increases. Our current position.




Our Roadmap showing where we have come from, and where we are going can be found here.

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The following is supported by statistics available in the Usage & Uptake section on the DRC homepage.


May 2022 - This table provides insights from ACCs 4 1/2 year journey with APIs and 2 1/2 year journey with IDE.


Use Cases / Case Studies are available here.

Scenarios you may consider

You have a problem to solve and not sure what product suits

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Here are a few examples:



You want to query an ACC database? Use a query API or, in the near future, an event notification API
You want to send a standard ACC document type regularly to ACC? Use the Inbound Documents API

You have a lot of content to send to ACC but that content might change?

e.g. spreadsheets, folders, data from databases

You want a lot of content sent from ACC but that content might change? Use IDE

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