Product Assessment Process

API Assessment Process

Initial Assessment Protocol

All submitted Feedback / Suggestions / Requests relating to APIs, along with any supporting information, for example a Business Case, will be reviewed and evaluated and prioritised on a regular basis. Initially this will be weekly on a best endeavours’ basis.

The criteria used in making the assessment is as follows:

  • the amount of effort for ACC to get to market
  • the ease / complexity of a suggested API
  • operational impact
  • how many customers would like similar functionality

Provision of customer business cases for such an API is crucial to the determination process.

Ongoing Assessments / Reviews

New requests for enhanced functionality will be reviewed based on, but not exclusively, the criteria identified above and will be categorised into one of the three following categories:

  • Rejected
  • For Consideration (Deferred)
  • Under Development.

Additionally, those under development will be continuously monitored and reviewed through till completion.