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What to Expect

This is the place to look if you are not sure where to start, or what product is best suited to your needs.


Information / data sharing between organisations comes with responsibilities such as information security, privacy, and data quality. Each organisation has its own internal governance process to manage these.

What We Offer

To speed up the information / data sharing establishment process between ACC and external stakeholders ACC offers multiple information / data sharing products that cater for different business requirements. These have a component of information security, privacy, and data quality already in place; leaving solely your specific business need to be disclosed and approved by ACC governance.

So, the chances are we already have a product to suit your information / data sharing opportunity. We definitely have understanding to support you regards:

  • Establishing the right product(s);
  • Working through ACC governance; and
  • Providing ideas that support working with external organisation governance.

Introduction To Your Next Step

We start with a generic questionnaire to understand your business requirements; the follow up process with you then narrows down to the appropriate product(s) and what support needs to be wrapped around that.