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Your self-service site for ACC provider consumed services. We provide the underlying technology, products, & service categories for developers to create services that integrate directly with us. Collectively we provide a quicker, more streamlined user experience.

ACC help prevent injuries and get New Zealanders and visitors back to everyday life if they've had an accident.  Find out more about ACC here.


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Inbound Data APIs

External (public) facing Application Programming Interfaces: Service code to support system to system data / information sharing. Use for near-real time, specified data fields, 24x7 frequency type scenarios. Learn more

Outbound Data (Query) APIs

Outbound (Queries) APIs: Mature business processes to query our data lake; 24x7. Learn more

Inbound Documents API

Inbound Documents API: Allows documents to be submitted to us through the addition of set metadata; 24x7. Learn more


Information Data Exchange: A two-way drop box based on government endorsed DX with privacy & security by design. Use for reports / spreadsheets, flexible number of rows, daily - monthly frequency type scenarios. Learn more


Secure File Transfer: A two-way drop-box with limited privacy & security by design built in. Use for PDFs / Word documents / mail between set parties, 24x7. Learn more

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