You must apply for access to production with the ACC Digital Operations team. Use the Contact page to apply. Select "Request production access" in the 'What are you contacting us about'- field. The Digital Operations team will contact you to discuss the process of submitting data to production using your app.

The API you're using determines what this process will involve. We look at: 

  • do you need specific authorisation to an API in production?
  • do we need to talk to another team in ACC to streamline the onboarding process for your customers?
  • Has all the required testing been completed to an acceptable level?
  • How are you communicating the new app benefits to your customers?
  • When will the new app be available to your customers?

Yes you can. As all API requests need an API key, we've made available a "test" API key in certain APIs. It can be used without having to register an account or an application.

The 'test' API key for HCSS is 6HoTt9GsONTE6eli2LGZVa0vVYfJa1VN. You can also find it next to the API key field in Our APIs/specific API/endpoint description.

We'll issue your own compliance API key once you register an app for a one of our APIs.

  1. Login or register
  2. Go to My Apps
  3. Select Add a new App
  4. Complete App Name field (mandatory)
  5. Select the product (API) you want to use
  6. Select Create App
  7. Your App to be automatically approved for compliance. You'll receive a notification via email that your App has been approved
  8. Select your App
  9. You'll see your API key under the consumer key field