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Business Background 

For ACC, a fall is an injury. For the health system, a fall is often a marker of frailty, and an indicator of several health care issues. For the older person, a fall often means a loss of independence. The underlying problem is complex. No single funding agency can achieve an integrated service delivery model that consistently and sustainably delivers reliable falls and fracture prevention outcomes to older New Zealanders; a cross-sector, system driven partnership approach is critical.

A multisector, multidisciplinary team effort resulted in the Live Stronger for Longer alliance. The Live Stronger for Longer alliance is as a national movement that is bringing all parties (health providers, consumers, NGOs and government agencies) together to support better falls and fracture prevention including treatment of osteoporosis and preventing fractures through preventing falls. The Live Stronger for Longer movement spans health and community fields.

Solution Details

ACC solution uses the Eightwire Conductor product to securely and safely send the data to the customer. It is a IDE Agent based CSV data exchange, this is Outbound exchange from ACC to our customer(s). The frequency is monthly.