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What to Expect

Information Data Exchange (IDE) enables safe, secure and easy sharing of data. IDE is enabled through EightWire’s Data Exchange Platform (DX). The DX is cloud-based which enables secure and automated sharing of data. Organisations using DX retain full control of the what, when and who of their data sharing.

If you are new to IDE or have a new data sharing Use Case, visit What is IDE?.

These are the key steps to using IDE:

  1. Register with us

    You're signalling a deeper level of commitment without obligation. This:

    • Provides access to all support material, and;
    • You can participate in forums, subscribe to topics of interest, & receive updates.
  2. Product Checks

    Like it, but is IDE a good fit for me? Yes, there are other options. You get insights from both EightWire and ACC to help you understand the choices.

    If it is “the one”, we carry-on with applicable ACC data security, privacy and legal checks. If your organisation wishes to undertake similar checks; we can assist with that.

    After those governance checks the following steps are straight forward:

    • Get Connected - Checks and balances are in place. Now you sign-up, install the agent, test and deploy.
    • You are set! Start sending

Once connected and parties give the go ahead you can use DX to transmit files and information securely and regularly to ACC.

We can assist by providing:

  1. Support:
    1. Eightwire help you implement DX.
    2. ACC support implementation aspects particular to your project plus provide other tools and tips.
    3. There is more information in the IDE Learn More.
  2. Guidance based on our learning from previous implementations. Final steps for your implementation are determined during consultation and sign-up.
  3. Participation as implementation normally takes between 2 – 8 weeks depending on whether you already use IDE / DX or not, your use case, and the governance checks.