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What to Expect

Information Data Exchange (IDE) enables safe, secure and easy sharing of data. IDE is enabled through EightWire’s Document Exchange Platform. The DX is a cloud-based platform which enables two-way sharing of anonymised and non-anonymised data. Organisations using the Data Exchange (DX) retain full control of the what, when and who of their data sharing. 

If you are a 3rd Party or just having a look and want to learn more about IDE, drop us a note by:

  • Going to Contact Us
  • Provide your Name and Email
  • Select 'Product or Service Enquiry' in the 'What are you contacting us about' field
  • Select ‘IDE’ for Product
  • Select ‘Getting Started”
  • Any information about how you think IDE could help, helps us understand your particular needs. 

We will be in touch soon to discuss IDE and your requirements.

If you are ready to use IDE, these are the key things you'll need to do to use IDE:


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Get Ready

This involves completing applicable ACC data security, privacy and legal requirements as part of exchanging data using IDE with a 3rd Party. 

Get Connected

This is when the rubber meets the road.  This involves commissioning of infrastructure and establishing connection to 3rd Party Infrastructure.