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What to Expect

ACC consumed services provide a mixture of “build it yourself” and “nearly ready to consume” offerings; IDE, SendInvoice, & SFT are examples of the latter, APIs are an example of the former.

If you are a Health Care Provider just having a look and want to learn more about SendInvoice, drop us a note by:

  • Going to contact us.
  • Complete the Name, Email and Message fields in the form.  Any information about how you think SendInvoice could help, helps us understand your particular needs. 
  • Select 'Product or Service Enquiry' and 'SendInvoice' in the 'Reason for contacting us' section.

We will be in touch soon to discuss SendInvoice, your requirements and next steps.

If you are ready to take the next step, here are the key things you'll need to do to use Send Invoice:

  1. Register
    • You'll need to register to download the SendInvoice Application. Registering provides you access to all of the support material, participate in our community forums, and receive news and updates. ACC's investment in digital data products is ever growing, keeping abreast gives you an opportunity to see what's in it for your customers.

      Register to see detail within workflow steps beyond this point.

  2. Get Ready
    • Learn about the things you need to have in place before using SendInvoice
    • In particular:
      1. Minimum specifications for your computer
      2. A current Health Secure Certificate
      3. Meet ACC's Legal Requirements
  3. Get Set
    • This is when rubber meets the road.  This involves ensuring that you have the necessary Infrastructure to use SendInvoice.
  4. Send or Receive Documents