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What to Expect

ACC consumed services provide a mixture of “build it yourself” and “nearly ready to consume” offerings; IDE & SFT are examples of the latter, APIs are an example of the former.

Inbound Documents API sits in the middle; some more upfront investment in the initial API is required as a one-off but once in place then, as ACC accepts business cases for more documents to be submitted through this mechanism, the addition of those documents is down to identifying each new document type has value for your customers and then applying the appropriate metadata to that document.

Ultimately, software vendors can assist their customers minimise the number of clicks to meet ACC requests for such documentation.

These are the key steps you'll need to do to adopt the Inbound Documents API:

  1. Register

    You're signalling a deeper level of commitment without obligation. This:

    • Provides access to all support material, and;
    • You can participate in forums, subscribe to topics of interest, & receive updates.

    Register to see detail within workflow steps beyond this point.

  2. Build

    You're signalling you intend to build, test, and release API products. This provides the steps and support material for your selected API(s). You sign a set of terms and conditions to gain access to our Sandbox and Compliance environments to build in.

  3. Test

    Guides you through our software quality process including testing infrastructure.

  4. Release to Production

    Guides you through our standard process including prerequisites for a production key to be issued. You sign a final set of terms and conditions as part of this.