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If you intend to test and release further Inbound Documents through the Inbound Documents API product this is your next step.

We recommend:

  • Early contact with our support team for tips n tricks to get you to your destination quicker.
  • Your best testing strategy is to use our Compliance environment: 
    • Our Compliance environment mimics the production experience, including real data

The Compliance environment requires the following steps for you to begin to build:

  1. Acceptance of legal requirements. This is required.
  2. Request access to the Compliance environment from our support team providing the following:
    • Complete the Name, Email.
    • Details of your Test Plan, Data and infrastructure for testing in the Message.
    • Completed ACC Legal documentation signed by authorised signatory for the use of the environments.

    This gives you access to any secure content, and our build / test or Compliance environment endpoints and API Keys.

  3. ACC will get in touch: Within 1-3 days of receipt of the request to discuss your request and details of ACC's software quality process, infrastructure and any other requirements.
  4. After this you can create your app by:
    • Going to the MyApps page.
    • Selecting 'Add a new App'.
    • Completing the mandatory fields.
    • Selecting the API that you want to use.
    • Selecting 'Create App'.
  5. You'll now see your App.
  6. Click the name of your App to see:
    • Keys
    • Product
    • Details
    • Analytics
    • Edit 
    • Delete
  7. Build away.


Details regarding the ACC Compliance environment, and required testing scenarios, are listed here.