API Build & Test

We have provided the following testing Infrastructure to support you in the journey, namely:

Compliance Environment

ACC uses the term Compliance where you can safely submit test patient notes in this environment. It is not linked to the ACC production systems but closely mimics the production experience, including using real data. For example, use of a digital certificate and receipt of error messages.

Enables your finishing touches. 

As a minimum reuse the ACC published scenarios. 

When you are ready, sign the terms & conditions pertaining to the Compliance Environment etc; this will provide you with access to this environment.

Getting Access

You will need to register then request access to the environments.  Access requirements are covered in the “Get Started” guide for APIs, including any legal requirements.

Environment Uses


Compliance Environment

API Authentication and Access

You will also need a valid Developer Health Secure Digital Certificate x.509 to submit some requests in compliance environments..

The Health Secure Digital Certificate is the same certificate Providers use to submit payloads using the current online service for testing. You may already have requested for Developer Digital Certificate as part of the registration process.  If not, you can get one by Contacting Us and providing the following details:

1.     Complete the Name, Email

2.     Select ‘Request Access’ in the 'What are you contacting us about' field.

3.     Select “Build” and “Test” for “API”

4.     Note that you need a Developer Digital Certificate for testing in the “Message”


Support material for APIs consists of:

1.     Swagger Specification;

2.     Tips and tricks e.g. Guide to building User Interfaces


Apigee SmartDocs feature to fire up APIs at will and see what happens!

Test Scenarios

Use your scenarios & ACC published test scenarios per API.

If you are applying to release your API Apps into Production, ACC requires evidence of testing and results for the published test scenarios at a minimum.  The “Release to Production” process is covered in “Get Started” guide.

Test Data

For Provider-related services:

Claim numbers will need to be allocated to each developer as there is a set number range that is available to submit into the Compliance environment. May need provider and vendor contact us form. 

Please use dummy data (e.g. Jane Doe as client name, 4/7/1776 or 6/2/1840 or similar famous days as birthday ##12345 as ACC45 etc.). Use a PDF of a good painting (impressionist, expressionist, cubist would all be appreciated) or score of Mozart, Vivaldi or Beethoven as examples to avoid breaching privacy of anybody.


Recommended scenarios to test

Our scenarios to test against for claims, claim queries and medical certificate, or invoices, invoice queries and payment status or inbound documents should be completed and copies of the payload and response data should be kept as they will need to be passed to the digital operations team for verification purposes. Some tests will require screenshots of your system or the printed output from your system to be given to ACC to verify as well. There may be further testing and requirements which will be at ACC's discretion.