What is an API?

Application Programme Interface (API) - a piece of software that provides a way for disparate pieces of software (applications, systems) to talk to one another. It is a:

  • Means of requesting and retrieving information from a system/server so that it can then be presented to the user in a context/process-specific way, e.g. in a mobile app or web application.
  • Way of de-coupling system to system interactions.
  • Contract between the software vendor / developer and ourselves describing what information or functionality you can gain access to and how that access is provided.

There is an increasing drive towards New Zealand government agencies delivering APIs as part of open data and ease of digital interaction with government.

Overviews of each API are available by selecting them from Products:

  • These APIs will enable software vendors / developers to incorporate ACC's services into their products to better meet market demand.
  • Over time, these APIs will support richer capabilities and ACC will work more closely with software vendors / developers to enable them to bring new and more sophisticated products to the market.