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The Business Problem

DHB’s and PHO currently send unstructured data (images, PDF, Docs) to ACC in support of cases, via a variety of means. These files (referred to as Clinical Notes ) are then processed by the ACC Documents Team, who upload these information into ACC's backend system known as EOS.

There are a number of pain points with the current solution(s). In particular encrypted files sent via email is used, this results in a number of pain points such an email stuck in quarantine, delays in receiving content, size of the content. In some cases material is printed by DHB’s, sent to a third party for scanning and then on sending to ACC.

The Solution

IDE will provide two technology options to simplify the process, remove pain points while providing a high level of security.

  • TILE: For the low technology organisations or those with little onsite IT support the Conductor Tile solution is ideal. This is a secure portal, with local role based administration, that provides a drag and drop facility to transfer files.
  • AGENT: For medium technology organisation the IDE Agent solution will be used, this delivers a system to system secure transfer.
  • There is no defined data schema for this exchanges. There is a naming standard that must to be followed.