Sample Inbound Documents

Available Documents

The selections below allow for Developers and Software Vendors to view a SAMPLE of the available Inbound Documents applicable to their offerings.

Outcome Measures (Redacted Copy)

Additional Diagnosis (Redacted Copy)

ACC32 Examples

Discharge and Operation Reports (Redacted Copy)

HTI / High Tech Imaging Report (Redacted Copy)

Surgery Request and Documentation (ARTP) (Redacted Copy)

Clinical Reports Examples
Guided Injection Request (Redacted Copy) Prior Approval Examples

Radiology Report (Redacted Copy)

Specialist / GP / Other Treatment Provider Notes (Redacted Copy)

Specialist Reports Examples

The following additional links contain multiple forms for the applicable application:

Note:  Characters in brackets denote the first characters in the document naming conventions as shown in the Inbound Documents - File Naming Standards.


To Adopt

  1. Get Connected to ACC through  Developer Resource Centre | Inbound Documents API (
  2. Use the following detailed product support material Developer Resource Centre | uploaddocument (
  3. For personal support, email