What is IDE?

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A two-way drop box that enables safe, secure and easy sharing of data by registered organisations. IDE is supported through a cloud-based data exchange platform (managed by EightWire), known as DX or Conductor.  It is endorsed by the Social Wellness Agency (SWA) enabling safe, secure and easy sharing of data. ACC uses IDE to exchange data with more than 10 organisations across 30 use cases.

The cloud-based platform enables two-way sharing of data. Conductor works well along with ETL platforms like SSIS, OBIEE, Wherescape Red, etc.

Why IDE?

IDE offers a number of notable features making it a popular choice at ACC, for instance;

  • Many different ways to connect with us and exchange structured and unstructured data e.g. documents, spreadsheets, delimited text, images or through structured databases.

    The following connectors are currently supported by ACC for inbound datasets.

    Connector Type



    Relational Database

    External party uses a database (on prem or supported cloud options)

    Preferred mechanism for structured data.


    (on prem or supported cloud or tile options)

    External party provides a file

    Accepted mechanism for structured data but only on a case-by-case basis and upon prior consultation with ACC.


    Allows a data supplier to easily deliver file data (CSVs, spreadsheets, documents, etc) via their web browser straight into ACC's data systems.

    Accepted mechanism for structured data.

    This option requires ACC to setup and share the DX datastore so that file(s) can loaded by party through the web interface.  Consult ACC if you intend to use this option.

    Folder / Binary

    (on prem option only)

    External party provides file(s) within a folder

    Accepted mechanism for unstructured data or where the file-connector is not suitable.

    Here are all the Connector options and attributes. Feel free to check with us if a you prefer a different connector. 

  • The platform has been certified and accredited for the transfer of information classified under the New Zealand Government Security Classification System as SENSITIVE.
  • You retain full control of the what, when and who of your data sharing
  • It does not require a great deal of technical know-how to get it going .  We have individual treatment providers sending data via IDE in a few hours after sign-up. 
  • Nor does it require huge overhead in infrastructure or operational support.
  • ACC has a dedicated support team to help with product consultations, onboarding, setup of transfers and resolving issues

All of the above allows transfers to be up and running quickly after sign-up!

Does it cost anything?

Yes there are license fees. The fees depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The type and size of your organisation
  • Frequency of use
  • Who you intend to exchange data with.

In some circumstances the Social Wellness Agency (SWA) or ACC may subsidise some of this cost. We can work with you, SWA, and Eightwire as needed, to confirm costs as part of IDE set-up.   As a guide licence fees have been $100 a month.

Product Requirements

ACC have a few data security, legal and privacy requirements that must be met for you to use the product.


If you are new to IDE, why not contact us. We will be in touch soon to discuss your use case.


If you have decided to use IDE, Get Connected.