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Housekeeping Request

Outdated Pages & Bookmarked Links

We have noticed instances of outdated / superseded pages within the Developer Resource Centre (DRC) being accessed, possibly via bookmarked links. 

To minimise issues that may result for new users, and developers, we will shortly be removing those pages.

As a result, if you receive a “page not found” type message then please know that it is time to go back into the DRC and establish new bookmarks.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Major Leaps Coming

Query APIs  ===>  Event APIs

  1. We’re in a proof of concept stage to move to Event APIs i.e. when something changes software vendors are notified; you then elect to draw down the change or not.
  2. It’s a key step for the sector to start to trust ACC systems giving them information when it becomes available rather than having to query or make a call or both.
  3. The first new Event APIs will be based on the questions asked in phone calls to the ACC Contact Centre.
  4. Keep an eye on our  Outbound Data (Query) API's “Under Development” section for what is coming, and when.

Inbound Documents API

  1. Currently we support seven document types.
  2. We are working towards supporting 10s of document types.
  3. Keep an eye on our Inbound Documents API  “Under Development” section for what is coming, and when.

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There will be more emphasis on professions as this space continues to evolve.


Feel free to provide feedback and other ideas.