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The information contained on this page provides the high level conceptual architecture that supports Consumed Services, using API’s, IDE and SFT solutions.

The architecture will be described in terms of Product, Use Cases (Data Exchanges) , Data Specification and Solution Overviews / Solution Patterns.


ACC uses consumed services to move people & processes:

  1. From tactical solutions
  2. To strategic channels that use patterns & well managed / understood processes

Our Channels Base Pattern (most to least mature option) = API -> IDE -> SFT -> PPS (Password Protected Spreadsheets)

Benefits – High Level

Benefit Trend to APIs APIs IDE SFT PPS

Data Quality


Higher: By putting effort in upfront

Lower: Get what given; leave for ACC analyst to sort

Security Increase

Pattern for Reuse


Get in place, then reuse

Start each time

Management / Control


Costs – High Level


Cost Type

Trend to APIs





Set up Direct Increase
  Indirect Increase
BAU – No change Direct Decrease
  Indirect Decrease



BAU – if change Direct Increase
  Indirect Increase
Project Costs

Short Term

Organisational Costs

Over Time


Our Roadmap

The Consumed Services Roadmap can be found here.


High Level Architecture

API Design Primitives

API Design Primitives v1.0

Business Services Our APIs Offer

APIs available to Providers

Current State

APIs reflect our back-end solutions which is why you will find seemingly standard fields differing across different APIs; we have produced a “Common API Spec” to assist developers understand such quirks

Common API Specification

API Use Cases

Our API Use Cases & Case Studies can be found here.


Software Product: by Eightwire Conductor, [ theBasicsTechnical PaperSolution Design PrimerKnowledgebase  ]

IDE is supported through a cloud-based data exchange platform (managed by EightWire), known as DX or Conductor.  It is endorsed by the Social Wellness Agency (SWA) enabling safe, secure and easy sharing of data. 

It currently provides solutions for 5 business initiatives incorporating 45 distinct data exchanges, delivering over 25,000 records per month.







Software Product: Axway SFTP [     ] 

Secure File Transfer (SFT) enables safe, secure and easy sharing of data. SFT is enabled through an ACC supported tool, Axway; in particular, its Managed File Transfer (MFT) product which enables secure, near real time high-volume automated file transfers between systems, sites, lines of business and external partners, using user-driven communications, folder- and portal-based file sharing.  

SFT supports communication using industry standards and protocols such as FTP/S & SFTP, HTTP/S, REST APIs via web browsers, secure shell (ssh) and standard FTP clients amongst others.

Axway provides functionality securely transport data from the customer’s site and moves data through ACC security zones for IDE based exchanges.

Want to know more about SFT, then check out the following:

IDE / SFT Use Cases

Our IDE /SFT Use Cases & Case Studies can be found here.


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