What is SFT?

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Secure File Transfer (SFT) enables safe, secure and easy sharing of data. SFT is enabled through an ACC supported tool, Axway; in particular, its Managed File Transfer (MFT) product which enables secure, near real time high-volume automated file transfers between systems, sites, lines of business and external partners, using user-driven communications, folder- and portal-based file sharing.  

SFT supports communication using industry standards and protocols such as FTP/S & SFTP, HTTP/S, REST APIs via web browsers, secure shell (ssh) and standard FTP clients amongst others.

How does it work

SFT provides these options to exchange files:

  • A web client to send emails or to drop files to shared folders like Drop Box. It is generally used for ad hoc transfers of PDFs, Word documents, and bulk mail between parties.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This can be used to send or receive documents or structured data through a supported client.


  • Easiest / Quickest set up if sending files
  • Interim step to get started with data transfer before moving to a more mature offering

Does it cost anything

There are no license fees. There are no setup fees to use the Web Interface however setting up sftp may cost depending on the client chosen.

Product Requirements

ACC have a few data security, legal and privacy requirements that must be met for you to use the product.

If you are a 3rd Party or just having a look and want to learn more about SFT contact us. We will be touch base soon to discuss SFT, your requirements, and next steps.