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Our consumed services are like ultra-fibre broadband; given time these can, and will, keep expanding as business demand increases.

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You have a problem to solve and not sure what product suits:

​Best option is to check out our Getting Started – Anyone, Anything, Anywhere page.

You want more detail about our products to inform yourself first.

Check out the following content that may help clarify the choice of product for you:

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You know you want to use an API

To review APIs suitable for your needs, review them using the Product Search feature.  This will give the detail you need to develop and onboard.  You will find content links, such as the following, within each API:

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You know you want to use IDE.

A bit about IDE

The Eightwire product DX (Conductor) is a cloud based portal, which allows customer, business, & support people to access the status of an exchange.

Exchanges use either “system to system” or “drag & drop” approaches.

ACC uses the purple zone to green zone security pattern, providing a secure pathway to get the customer data to ACC business people.


IDE caters for external party maturity using "connectors"


Learn more about IDE, and then find out how to get connected with IDE here.

You know you want to use SFT.

Learn more about SFT, and then find out how to get connected with SFT here.


Increasingly the ACC data / information sharing relationship with an external stakeholder is involving multiple uses of multiple products. For example: The external stakeholder uses different IDE connectors because their data is held in different environments, while also adopting APIs where they can.

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