Email sent to software developers on 23rd of February 2021

Kia Ora

There are only four short months until we transition away from eBusiness Gateway and Java applet ACC legacy services. Adopting our APIs, now, will ensure uninterrupted access to ACC services for your customers.

Please see the updated table of impacted services and replacement APIs on our Developer Resource Centre.

eBusiness Gateway alternative

Links to an interim eBusiness Gateway alternative will be available from the end of June and a gradual onboarding process will follow from July. We hope to have everyone migrated to the eBusiness Gateway alternative as quickly as possible after beginning the onboarding process. The eBusiness Gateway will continue to be available to users until their migration date with decommissioning of the eBusiness Gateway to follow in late 2021.

Bulk uploading files to the eBusiness Gateway alternative will become a manual process and the data requirements will align with the API standards for claim and invoice submissions. If you wish to maintain automated uploading of bulk submissions, you will need to adopt our APIs.

We’ll share final details of the eBusiness Gateway alternative in a future update as soon as they become available.

Invoice API

We recently updated our invoice API, to accommodate an increase in the character limit for Purchase Order (PO) numbers. The updated API and release notes are now available on our Developer Resource Centre for you to begin testing. 

All ACC providers will be required to use eight-digit PO numbers by early June.

It’s important to note that your systems will need to allow ten-digit entries if your system uses a fixed-length field for PO numbers.

Claims API

The swagger file and release notes for version three of our claims API will be available in late March on our Developer Resource Centre. This new version of the API will mitigate the risk of your customers running out of claim numbers. A new auto-numbering service will save the time you spend on the current manual process.

The updated API will be released into production and ready to adopt for your customers from late April.

Documents to ACC API

The Documents to ACC API will now be available from 19 March on our Developer Resource Centre for you to begin testing. This API will initially allow your customers to send us seven different document types and in future releases will be extended to allow for additional document types.

Preparing your customers for change

We encourage you to notify your customers of the changes outlined above. You may want to consider using the information in the box below to advise your customers of any upcoming changes.

If you currently provide links to eBusiness Gateway services, you may want to consider using the information in the box below to advise your customers of any upcoming changes.

Please get in touch with us if you need any assistance identifying the changes to ACC’s digital services that your customers are likely to experience.

Please share this information with any colleagues who may need to know.

You can expect another update from us in March. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at your convenience.


Nāku noa, nā

Brent Fry

ACC Digital – Consumed Services Manager