Get Connected with NARP

Submit Admission Data

After you have added all your data for the month into the Casemix Master Spreadsheet you can create the "Admission CSV" tab.

To create the Admission CSV file, use the 'Clear Admission CSV tab' button found in the 'Instructions' tab to ensure any previous data has been cleared. Then use the 'Populate Admissions CSV tab' button. This extracts relevant data from the 'Master' tab.  When you are ready to send the Admission CSV file to ACC, use the 'Create admission SendInvoice CSV file' button. This will enable you to save a copy of the file before sending to ACC via SendInvoice.

Note:  Admission data from the previous month must be uploaded by the 10th of the month.


Key Steps

  1. Read the Admission Data Tool Setup & Use Guide below.
  2. Get Connected to use SendInvoice to send us data.
  3. Start Sending!!  Populate data and send with SendInvoice.
  4. Clear the "Admission CSV" tab AFTER sending us your data.


356 KB - Describes how to fill in the "Casemix Spreadsheet" template to submit "Admission” data for a reporting month.