Resources for Software Vendors Supporting Audiologists

Since June 2022, Audiologists have been able to lodge ACC claims for noise induced hearing loss. This change removes the need for Audiologists to refer to a GP who would then lodge the hearing loss claim on their behalf.  Software vendors supporting Audiologists should adopt the following to support their user base. 


Claims information can be found on the Claims product page.


Either of the following options would support your user base. 


ACC offers Query APIs which provide answers to basic questions that providers often need to progress a claim or regards their invoice  progress. Using these saves time and means a more seamless experience in making queries. We strongly encourage you set up these APIs as well to support providers.

The detail for each Query API is available through our Product Search.


Change of Diagnosis or Additional Diagnosis

ACC has recently clarified its preferred mechanism for this content to be submitted. Please use the new Inbound Documents API service; specifically the document denoted as MMEXSPECR in the list provided in Developer Resource Centre | Hearing Loss (HL) (


 ** Expected Late April / Early May 2023 **

Inbound Documents

In addition to claims / invoices / queries, there are 26 documents Audiologists may need to use to support the ACC hearing loss process.  All those documents are being incorporated into the current proven Inbound Documents API service.  Feel free to check out the Get Connected - Inbound Documents API process for more information.


First time user of ACC APIs

If you are a first time user of ACC APIs then please take the time to explore our Developer Resource Centre, and the Get Connected - Inbound Data API page. This further explains the onboarding process.



If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.